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McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus is your one source for Vane,
Turbine, Gas, and Hydraulic air starters.

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Unit Conversions

green line 800x2
Area Converter
mm2 [Square Millimeter]
cm2 [Square Centimeter]
m2 [Square Meter]
km2 [Square Kilometer]
in2 [Square Inch]
ft2 [Square Foot]
yd2 [Square Yard]
mi2 [Square Mile]
Distance Converter
mm [Millimeter]
cm [Centimeter]
m [Meter]
km [Kilometer]
in [Inch]
ft [Foot]
yd [Yard]
mi, mi(Int) [Mile]
Energy Converter
kWh [Kilowatt hour]
BTU [British Thermal Unit]
kJ [Kilo-Joule]
Nm [Newton-Meter]
kcal [Kilo-Calorie]
Flow Rate Converter
  Flow Rate conversions to be added later.
Pressure Converter
mbar [Millibar]
bar [Bar]
inAq (" W.C.) [Inch of Water Column]
PSI [Pounds per Square Inch]
Temperature Converter
°C [Celsius]
°F [Fahrenheit]
Conversions provided by: Unit Converter

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