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BG Services – Engine Controls quote request form

BG Services

Below is a quote request form for BG Services - Engine Controls. Please use this form to get a quote on Engine Controls. If you not sure what to fill out in the form below “hover” over the field name (i.e. Part Number) and a description for that field will appear. All items with a red * astrick are required to complete this form. Please provide as much information as you can, otherwise there could be delay in finding the parts you are looking for.

There is a total of 2 pages all items that are required are marked with a red * astrick. If you have any probelms please contact our Sales department at 661-450-8277, M - F, 9am to 6pm, PST, USA.

** = Please us the NOTES section (on page 2) to be as detailed as possible, the more information you provide the quicker we can respond to your request.


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If you have a CLEAR image of your current BG Services – Engine Controls part number, nameplate or other identifing informatoin please use this field to upload a .jpg or .png file. The file size can not be any bigger than 1.024MB (1024KB). Contact our sales dept. for help at 661-450-8277, M - F 8 am to 5 pm PST, USA. If you do not have an image to upload please skip this section.
Invalid Image, there is a file limit size of 1MB and you can upload .jpg or .png.


Use the "NOTES" section below for any and all additional information about the BG Services – Engine Controls you are looking for.


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