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Governors America Corp.

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Governors America Corp (GAC)Governors America Corp. is a leading provider of innovative engine control products to a worldwide list of customers. Our dedication and focus on our world market has resulted in a vertically integrated company with complete design, development, production, and marketing capabilities for its family of electromechanical and electronic devices for precise engine control and system integration. 
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Interface Modules
  • Load Sharing and Synchronizing
  • Magnetic Speed Pickups - MSP6730
  • Analog Governors series
  • FUSION Series
  • governor-digital-SDG514-01
  • governor-digital-EDG5500ser
  • actuator-uni-225-ADC225GS
  • actuator-em-180series
  • Pump Mounted Actuator
  • ATBT1series
GAC’s Speed Control Units are precise speed controls designed and manufactured in various configurations to meet application requirements using the latest analog and digital control technologies. Reverse battery polarity and fail-safe protection in the event of loss of speed sensor signal or battery voltage is incorporated in every GAC Speed Control Unit. A wide variety of application needs can be satisfied with GAC’s constant or variable speed governing, in isochronous or drop operation. All circuit boards are hard potted or conformally coated to be vibration and moisture resistant.
A high performance, speed control system results when a GAC actuator is installed on an engine and electronically connected to compatible GAC governing system components. The design baseline for GAC actuators incorporates fast responses, multi-voltage usage, and proven reliability to allow for more precise control. GAC employs its field-proven electromechanical design which provides proportional actuator movement based on actuator coil current.
GAC has developed a broad, technically advanced line of electronic governing and fuel control systems, complete with accessories. Engine control systems range in cost and complexity from single speed isochronous governors to sophisticated multi-engine load sharing /power control systems, full authority drive-by-wire systems, locomotive diesel-electric controls, full engine generator military control systems and a great variety of complementing governing and control system accessories.

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