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DCL International

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dclDCL International is a global leader in the research, design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, and service of advanced emission control technologies. In addition to the mechanical design, DCL diesel oxidation catalyst, oxidation catalyst, and three-way catalyst are formulations specifically designed for the needs of the application. Whether the fuel is gasoline, diesel, LPG, or natural gas, the DCL catalyst formulation is optimized to treat the targeted engine emissions such as NOx, CO, hydrocarbons, formaldehydes, particulates, or all of the above.
  • MINE-X - Catalytic Converter
  • Catalytic Silencer
  • QUICK-LID - catalytic convert
Vertical integration enables DCL to be both innovative and flexible, and with strict quality control standards at every stage of production. The DCL product range includes catalytic converters, catalytic mufflers, diesel particulate filters and stock mufflers, among others. Examples include stationary engines, off- and on-highway specialized vehicles and industrial processes; DCL supplies world leading original equipment and engine manufacturers as well as aftermarket retrofit operations.
Because of DCL's vertical integration, capabilities include high volume products, low-volume or custom prototypes, and large industrial housings.
DCL offers a wide variety of emission control catalysts for stationary engines and turbines used for power generation, co-generation, fluid pumping, and gas compression applications. Stationary products include catalytic converters, catalytic silencers, diesel particulate filters, SCR systems and heat exchanger catalyst systems.
DCL's Metalcor® catalyst elements are available for all DCL stationary housings, DCL elements can also be used as replacement elements with other manufacturer's housings.

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