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BG Services

bgBG designs and manufactures products for original equipment manufacturers. Customers include manufacturers of engines for industrial, automotive, and aviation applications, as well as manufacturers of ignition systems, engine controls, electrical transformers, and air conditioning & refrigeration compressors. 
bg-p46_ARP670-3MBG is a leading designer and manufacturer of cable assemblies and connecting devices for gas engines - both reciprocating and turbine. Applications include industrial, automotive and aerospace.
Products include a wide range of spark plug extensions and primary & secondary ignition cables, turbine igniter leads, as well as cable assemblies and devices for control of signal processing. The company also manufactures industrial spark plugs using a proprietary silver-cast manufacturing process that results in optimum heat transfer and longer plug life. Products are marketed through a worldwide distribution network. Custom products and engineering services are sold directly to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's).


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