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AltronicAltronic has long been regarded as the world's leading manufacturer of ignition and control systems for industrial engines. These products represent the industry standard for quality. All are designed to improve engine performance and enhance reliability. Many also improve operating efficiency, helping to reduce emissions, which contributes to a healthier environment.
Altronic is setting the standard for combustion control of gas-fueled industrial engines with products and solutions that contribute to a healthier environment, enhanced reliability and improved performance. The world's leading manufacturer of ignition and control systems for industrial engines.
Here at McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus, we focus on the following products from Altronic to help you with your engine control and ignition system needs.
  • IGNITION SYSTEMS - Altronic introduced a solid-state, capacitor discharge industrial ignition systems to address an industry need for extended, trouble-free operation.
  • Altronic - Engine Controls
  • IGNITION ACCESSORIES - Altronic ignition systems, EZRail® modular wiring rails, ignition coils, secondary leads, and spark plugs are recognized by industrial engine operators as the finest such products in the world. 
  • ENGINE CONTROLS - Altronic has a long and successful history in the design and manufacture of dedicated air/fuel ratio, fuel control/governing, and engine control products. 
  • DIGITAL INSTRUMENTS - Altronic pioneered the making of high-quality digital instruments including single and multipoint digital temperature gauges and scanners, pyrometers, pressure gauges and monitors, tachometers, overspeed and hourmeter devices. 
  • ALTRONIC CONTROLS - Altronic Control Panel solutions are for both packager and end-user customers, and to do so using proprietary controls, PLC-based products, or a combination of the two. Truly a single-source provider, Altronic Controls will always meet or exceed your exacting requirements and expectations, regardless of horsepower, location, or application.
  • ALTRONIC GTI BI-FUEL® - Altronic (ALTRONIC, LLC) GTI Bi-Fuel® System is an innovative technology that enables operators of heavy-duty diesel engines to substantially reduce operational costs and lower emissions by substituting diesel fuel with lower cost, cleaner-burning natural gas.
    The introduction of the Altronic EPC-100 ushered in the widespread use of microprocessor-based air/fuel ratio controls for stoichiometric (rich-burn) carbureted engines. The Altronic AccuNOx control also applies to the same class of engines.


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