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Turbine, Gas, and Hydraulic air starters.

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Air Starters Exchange

Exchange Program

Welcome to McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus exchange service!
Save money and save time with Air Starters exchange.

Why choose McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus (MCCASP) for your Air Starter Exchange?

Whether it is an air starter, engine controls, governors, or catalytic elements, MCCASP exchange service is fast and reliable during urgent times when your engine is down. Using the years of experience from our network of manufacturers and distributors we can help you find the solution. McCorkendale's Air Starter Plus has years of experience and a commitment to maintain industry standards. All McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus remanufactured units carry a warranty, along with our commitment to service and high-quality standard guarantees. Any remanufactured air starters, engines or other units are within full industry compliance. We are the best in the industry, let us show you why.

Which industrial air starter manufacturer brands do we service?

The brands serviced within our exchange program are Air Starter Components (ASC) which maintain the industry's largest in-stock supply of certified remanufactured and not rebuilt starters. McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus supports all remanufactured vane starter systems and turbine starter systems. As a leading distributor of industrial air starters and components from renowned brands like Tech Development Inc. (TDI) and Ingersoll Rand (IR). We also offer an all parts interchange with Ingersoll Rand (IR) starters.

What does exchange service offer?

Our exchange program will make sure you have the least amount of downtime and lowest cost exchange possible. MCCASP offers CERTIFIED remanufactured starter systems, not rebuilt. There is a difference between “rebuilt” and “certified remanufactured”, the certified remanufactured starter is “like-new”. McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus, also offer custom fabrication on most starter models please check with our sales department. New & Rebuilt Vane, Turbine, and Gas starters. Also, a full line of parts are available for immediate delivery: rotors, cylinders, drives, housings, gears, shafts and tune-up kits to name a few.

How does the exchange work?

How does the air starter exchange work? It's simple: start by contacting McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus with the air starter model number. With the information you provide we ship the remanufactured unit to you, same day or overnight as required. Full payment is required for the exchanged air starter including the core up front. Our staff of highly trained technicians employs only the latest techniques and procedures as they re-certify starters using only new components parts or certified components directly from ASC, IR, and TDI. Each starter is thoroughly tested to ensure your engines will start and to give you the peace-of-mind with our generous warranty.
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Note that accounts in good status may request payment terms. After we receive the old air starter unit, a credit will be applied to the account for the value of the core. Please be aware, charges may apply for damaged or missing components of the air starter you return.
Are you looking for air starters, governors, or catalytic elements, or other engine controls, McCorkendale's Air Starters Plus exchange program will help you find the solution you need. Contact us today!

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