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Ingersoll Rand News Update on 3BM, 5BM and SS175 series

  • 3BM-5BM-series
    3BM and 5BM series starters are 
    DISCONTINUED, and replaced with:
    SS100 series
  • SS175G_series
    SS175 series starters are 
    DISCONTINUED, and replaced with:
    SS100 series
  • SS100-series_003
    NEW Ingersoll Rands SS100
    vane air starter click on the
    image above or the link below:
    SS100 series
DATE: 3/01/2017
Ingersoll Rands press release: "Ingersoll Rand Introduces Versatile Small Engine Air Starters" ~ dated: Aug 26, 2012
All current production of the 3BM, 5BM, and SS175 series vane air starters have been discontinued. Ingersoll Rand (IR) posted a press release on their website (see link above), we later confirmed the changes by talking with two of our vendors. The 3BM, 5BM, and SS175 series starters are being replaced with the SS100 series starters. We offer the following for 3BM, 5BM, and SS175 series models only:
  • Replacement Parts for the 3BM, 5BM, and SS175 series vane air starters at this moment can still be found. This all depends on our vendors stock on hand and status of availability can change with or without notice.
  • Tune-Up Kits (or Repair Kits) are still available for the SS175 series of starters, please contact us for 3BM and 5BM series of starters.

  • Depending on vendors stock we are still able to get certain starter models, please call or email our Sales Department at: 661-450-8277, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Check out the NEW Ingersoll Rands “Ingersoll Rand SS100 Series Vane Air Starters” there you will find out more about the brand new SS1000 series starters and there you can contact our sales department to find out which model series will work for you.
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  • Get an Ingersoll Rand price quote, you can use this link to get a quote on Replacement Parts and Tune-Up Kits (or Repair Kits) too.


  • Call our Sales Department at: 661-450-8277

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